[aprssig] Kenwood D710 & Yaesu FTM-350AR Compatible Frrequency Objects

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Wed Jun 25 14:27:30 EDT 2014

Lynn KJ4ERJ wrote...

 > It may be that the FTM-400 is actually ignoring the offset and
 > applying it's internal automatic offset to the QSY frequency.
 > Can you do a quick object test with a non-standard offset and
 > see if the radio still insists on 600?

It appears that I goofed earlier. The FTM-400D will QSY to + or - offset 
as specified in an APRS beacon or object, including non-standard 
offsets. I had used e.g. C88 instead of C088 in an earlier test and that 
made all of the difference. When I use Tnnn or Cnnn, I can specify 
oddball offsets or directions. Sorry for the false alarm!

The FTM-400D is a nice radio, for voice and APRS. It also does digital 
C4FM FDMA. The FT1DR is pretty nice too, but doesn't appear to have the 
QSY feature.

73 Keith VE7GDH

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