[aprssig] Kenwood D710 & Yaesu FTM-350AR Compatible Frrequency Objects

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Wed Jun 25 00:23:22 EDT 2014

Ron AE5E wrote...

 > I looked at the PDF manuals on Yaesu's website for the
 > FTM-400D and could not find what you are describing.

Was that the general FTM-400 operating manual? The QSY feature is 
described on page 20 of the APRS manual.

 > Does the FTM-400D process Frequency Objects as described in
 > http://www.aprs.org/localinfo.html  ?

I think that would be a yes, but that page is a real dogs breakfast. 
Rather than having me guess exactly which part of the page you are 
referring to, perhaps you could just copy and the paste the pertinent 
part(s) into a reply. I could create such an object and test it if needed.

I can tell you that it doesn't have any trouble QSYing to a frequency 
beaconed by an APRS station. It can also QSY to frequencies embedded in 
an object... e.g. a repeater object or one for an IRLP node as long as 
it includes the frequency in the correct format. The minimum it needs is 
e.g. 147.320MHz and it will QSY to that frequency with the correct 
offset if it has auto repeater shift turned on. Of course, if a tone is 
needed, that should be in the object too. If it was a UHF frequency, the 
object should include the offset.

Hmmm... I was just fooling around to see if I could get it to go to a 
minus offset for 147.320 MHz embedded in an object and was not successful.

73 Keith VE7GDH

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