[aprssig] Kenwood D710 & Yaesu FTM-350AR Compatible Frrequency Objects

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Tue Jun 24 16:00:10 EDT 2014

The best I can tell from the manuals, the FT1D also lacks the QSY function.

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On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 10:37 AM, Ron Stordahl, AE5E <
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> Experimentally I have determined that this frequency object will be
> correctly acted upon by both the Kenwood D710 and the Yaesu FTM-350AR:
> ;146.75XYZ*111111z4904.29N/09706.79Wr146.750MHz TOFF -060
> The Kenwood D710 will correctly interpret this shorter format:
> ;146.75XYZ*111111z4904.29N/09706.79WrTOFF -060
> The Yaesu actually gets the frequency from the comment portion, i.e. the
> part following, in the above example, ...06.79Wr, as it cannot actually
> correctly interpret a frequency object.
> Note that the Yaesu requires fff.fffMHz, i.e. 3 digits before and after
> the decimal point.
> The net effect is that the beacon is increased in length by 11 bytes in
> order to provide Kenwood & Yaesu compatibility.
> The XYZ in the leading part of the string, which would be just XY if a
> frequency such as 146.755 were specified, is very handy as in the D710
> display list those characters help you recognize the repeater location
> based upon the choice of these letters.  For example Thief River Falls, MN
> would be shown as 146.75TRF in the displayed list.
> In my travels I find that very few digipeaters are actually transmitting
> these useful beacons.  All of mine are, and I wish this would become
> standard practice, minimizing  the need for a repeater directory in the car!
> The Yaesu web page indicates that the FTM-350AR is out of production!
> It's replacement, it seems, is a FTM-400DR.  However, reading the documents
> for the FTM-400DR, it does not appear to include a QSY function based upon
> a frequency object beacon!  I have been transmitting the D710 version noted
> above for several years, covering all of NW Minnesota, and only in the last
> few weeks have been asked why this did not work for the FTM-350AR.  I would
> guess few FTM-350AR's were sold vs the D710.
> Ron, AE5E
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