[aprssig] "Smart" vs. "dumb" trackers

Andrew Pavlin AndrewEMT at hotmail.com
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I'm the original poster.

Just FYI, I did say that message reception/display at the tracker was a "plus", not mandatory.

But since apparently the Argent OpenTracker USB can do all of my original requests (including the "plus" items), looks like there is at least one device that can do the job other than the Kenwood and Yaesu HT's (and actually do it better by being a canned tracker instead of an HT with too many buttons for the end-user to screw up). But can it do it cheaper?

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On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 11:39 AM, Charles Bland <root at blandranch.net> wrote:
> Use have used the Byonics MT-AIOs with great success. But we put just as
> much effort into choice of frequency and the supporting ad hoc network to
> make sure EVERYTHING is working like it should.
> I would not EVEN want to think about sending-out higher tier portable or
> mobile radios to do the job of a tracker. In the case of the MT-AIOs, we
> turn them on, mag-mount them to the top of the vehicle with their antenna,
> and turn them loose. They are always configured and ready, not at the whims
> of how portable/mobile owners may change them over time and then forget how
> to return their APRS configuration to usable settings.

Those are all good points, but the Byonics MT-AIO doesn't have a
receiver; it's about as dumb a tracker as is possible.  It is on the
opposite end of the APRS spectrum from what the original poster asked

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