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Mike Goldweber mike at mikegoldweber.name
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Hi Mike,
I don't know Xastir, so I don't know for certain if this advice will be helpful.  However, I am an EC in ARES for my town.  I was able to get in touch with the GIS professional for my town and through him I was able to get shape files (filled with vector data) of the town.  Related to this, in my last job, I was handling the creation of maps for our software and I frequently was in touch with town, county, and university personnel to get map (vector and raster) data.  In each case, I requested shape files, because it was compatible with the software we were using.  The shape files do not require an internet connection.  Just disk space and a program that will read them.
If your program doesn't use shape files, you may be able to use an editor that will convert the shape file into a jpeg (or gif/bmp/ stc), and that can attach a lat/lon to different points on the map.  This is a good technique to use for inserting a overhead/aerial photograph into your map display. I found a base aerial photograph with map data layered on top of the photo is very exciting.

I hope this helps.
Mike Goldweber
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 I'm putting together an APRS project for our county EOC   .

I need everything to reside on the computer. No internet access. 
I want to use some good quality of our county  and surrounding jurisdictions. 

We have an event coming up that will have several dignitaries from other jurisdictions and agencies present.
I want to do this right. 

Any thoughts ?  


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