[aprssig] Digi "Location-Based" Callsigns and Objects

David Andrzejewski david at davidandrzejewski.com
Tue Jul 22 14:44:53 EDT 2014

With all this talk of using location-based callsigns on digis, I thought 
I'd experiment with changing mine.  However, I want to ensure that I'm 
doing it right, especially with regards to IDing correctly.

I'm using aprx on a Raspberry Pi, and I beacon a few repeater objects.

If I set the source call to my callsign on those object packets, that 
will "break the link" - e.g., it will be coming from "KD8TWG-1" but my 
digi will be beaconing itself as something different, so nobody will 
have KD8TWG-1 in their lists.

I'm thinking I could put it in the comment?  The thing is, I include the 
repeater's callsign in the comment, so how would I avoid confusion 

Here's one of my repeaters:

object "146.94"
symbol "/r"
lat "4130.33N"
lon "08111.41W"
comment "146.940MHz T110 -060 W8DES"

My current thought is I could change the comment to:

comment "146.940MHz T110 -060 W8DES (de KD8TWG)"


- Dave/KD8TWG

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