[aprssig] [APRS] DIGIPEATER Callsigns (by location) & common sense

Jim Conrad jjc at oceanviewcom.com
Sun Jul 20 08:01:09 EDT 2014

If you really want to building and enhance a network that can 
automate routing and be self healing why not use grid squares since 
that actually does convey a fairly accurate location. Not as nice as 
ANNAP from a human readable format but somewhere in between. My own 
naming nomenclature for several nodes on the east coast of some IP 
infrastructure I own is to use the FAA designator of the nearest airport.

Jim - N4WFP

At 03:15 PM 7/19/2014, you wrote:
> > Ah because of your situation the whole world has to jump to your wishes?
>No, not at all.  I'm simply saying I see the value of using a digipeater's
>location name instead of a ham callsign.  If it does not apply in anyone's
>situation, then don't do it.
>But where it makes sense, it seems to work very well.
>EXCEPT when people name them by their local reference, like GRNMTN for
>Green mountain when no one but the club members know where that is.  Then
>such a change accomplishes nothing, since local club members know both the
>CALL and the MOUNTAIN.  So there is no advantage.
>But a name like WASHDC meaning it is the Washington DC digi, then that
>serves a useful purpose.
>People need to think outside of their local box when thinking about how
>their local APRS digipeater serves travelers, and how it appears on their
>radio LISTS.
>And if the BEACON contains the other recommended features like local FREQ
>objects, and Club Net times and Club meeting dates, then they can actually
>reachout to passing traveling hams.  The recommended format includes all
>that info in the single BEACON packet.
>Ill be recommending a change of our local digi from N3UJJ-6 to ANNAP
>(Annapolis) when I get a chance.
>Bob, Wb4APR
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