[aprssig] [APRS] DIGIPEATER Callsigns (by location)

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Fri Jul 18 21:21:01 EDT 2014

You are assuming that the user is using a MAP.
- Having a unique NAME that is geographically representative is FAR 
superior (as Bob states)
- In addition to that with only 16 ssid's I ran out of my call and 
club call use for Digi's YEARS ago.
- I have been moving all my digi's to georeferenced names for years. 
Still will take years more to get to all the ones that I have custom 
roms programmed for.
- I MUCH prefer a relevant name as it scrolls past on the screen!

Mark Cheavens

At 09:26 AM 7/18/2014, andre wrote:
>op 18-07-14 16:05, Robert Bruninga schreef:
> > Selecting a unique name is easy.  Just browse aprs.fi/NAME
> > <http://aprs.fi/NAME> where NAME is the location one wants to use for
> > the given digipeater.  If nothing else in the world matches, then the
> > name is unique.  If there is a match, then change the name to make it
> > unique.
> >
>Just more trouble setting up when callsigns are already unique
> > Being able to instantly see what are humans (ham communicators) among a
> > 100 deep list of callsigns (half of which are digipeaters or other
> > inannimate objects is a useful capability when trying to actually
> > communicate using APRS.  It also makes it instantly obvious where one's
> > signals are being digipeated (by location) instead of some random
> > collection of letters (callsigns). Bob, WB4APR
> >
> >
>Isn't that what you invented icons for?
>Used correctly it already shows type of station and type of opperation.
>73 de Andre PE1RDW
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