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Fri Jul 18 15:25:20 EDT 2014

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> On 18/07/2014 17:09, Fredric Moses wrote:
>> I switched all of the Digi/Igates we run here in michigan to "tactical"
>> of the fleet everybody knows what  HOLLY,HOLAND just by watching it...
> So if I add my Filter to get all stations from Panama ( p/HO ) then I
> will get your digis too...
> Bart

hehe these tactical stations need special filtering in Norway as there  
are a few stations beginning with i.e LA, LE etc originating outside  

For a digipeater i really don't see the need for a tactical callsign.  
The callsign assigned to the digi should be enough. What do you gain  
using this?

For a regular station this also is messing with igates and yes i know  
i can use a range filter but then it's more tweaking.

And in some regions it's not allowed even if you put the actual  
callsign in the same packet.

anyhow in No(r)way a regular digipeater has to be assigned via the  
local HAM group and they get assigned a callsign dedicated for digital  
stations. The clubstation get LAxY.

So all packet, D-Star etc get a callsign with the prefix LD
The number states wich region of the country based on the postal number.
Hordaland county is 5xxx so a digipeater gets LD5xx where xx is  
dictated by either a region, mountain name, city.
i.e LD5BG where BG is for BerGen, LD5BE is BErgen but on a different  
mountain top. LD5GU = Gulen. If you have a map then the two letter is  
intuitive even for visitors with an open eye ;-)

So clubstations can use LAxY for regular HAM stuph, permanent  
digipeaters, packet nodes, winlinknodes etc gets LD or in some cases  
the callsign for the clubstation. So SSIDs can be used and we are not  
running out of them.

In countries bigger than the smal rock i come from a system like this  
is not going to work as the permutations is not big enough unless you  
use 9characters. But with this system all callsigns are unike and  
assigned to the country of origin.

So we have LA/LB as a regular prefix, LD for digital installations, LE  
for "ARES". Clubstations are LAxY, repeaters LAxYR (R for repeater).

Not sure if other countries use similar systems...

Kai Günter

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