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kliegle at myfairpoint.net kliegle at myfairpoint.net
Fri Jul 18 13:41:58 EDT 2014

  I operated  KA1GJU-6 for years using ONLY a WIDE2-1 path, and it works great. Because of the nature of my airline schedule, I could be flying in and out of low altiude airports one day and high altitude airports the next. A profile to change paths at a certain altitude ABOVE GROUND (AGL) is not feasable, since GPS ALT is all MSL. ie 1000' MSL is NOT 1000' AGL at Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, etc where 1000' MSL is BELOW the airport altitude. 
 Originally I used the Argent Data Systems OT hardware, which had the altitude profile switching capability, but later moved to the Byonics MT series due to small size, less interconnecting cables, and low power input required (150mW output). The Byionics Firmware doesn't/didn't have altitude profile switching as I recall. 
 The feature I liked that both mfg's had was the 'send position report now' capability, which was handy when something of interest was seen and I could send a series of position reports within seconds and go back later onto sites as APRS.fi and locate exactly where I was when the event occured. (Would have been invaluable when I got lased with a green laser on arrival into Boston last week , but I digress.)
 KA1GJU-X   X=INT(9)

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