[aprssig] Paths - Solution proposal

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 16:04:30 EDT 2014

> You mean like the 70cm "brick" data radio that NW Digital Radio is making (the UDRX-440)? Not sure if that price is low enough, but it already has a computer built into it (which saves on that cost re: the T3-9670).

Similar.   The T3-9670
 is $72, a computer (TL-MR302 for $40) and a GPS would be a low power
super smart tracker.   There was a version of the T3-9670 with a built
in GPS for a little more but I didn't see it on the Argent page today.
  The mythical (Hi John/Bryan) UDR-X could be a smart hub/digi for
this new system.


> Keith > That is an understatement! 9600 bps and collision avoidance
> (pun intended), 4500 time slots per minute or with Self-Organized Time
> Division Multiple Access (SOTDMA) for collision avoidance (pun
> intended) with 2250 time slots every 60 seconds... or up to 37.5
> beacons per second.
> Too bad we didn't have a low priced small data radio with 9k6 (at
> least) ready to go to experiment with this.   You know - like the
> T3-9670...  :)

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