[aprssig] Paths - Solution proposal

John Galvin jrgalvin2 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 13 20:09:32 EDT 2014

Looks to me that a small modification to the TNC hardware would put it 
in permanent "KISS" mode. I did something similar to a TNC for use with 
the old weather decode broadcasts.

John - N5TIM

On 7/13/2014 6:42 PM, Jason KG4WSV wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 6:03 PM, Mark Cheavens <mcheavens at usa.net> wrote:
>> We are talking about under $150.00 for either a Tracker3($95.00) (If new
>> firmware were written for it to support a new methodology) or for a TNC-Pi
>> and a Raspberry Pi.
> Probably not even that much - if the existing TNC can be forced into
> KISS mode permanently, a microcontroller bolted to the serial port
> could be the brains of the device.
> I'm not convinced the R-Pi is ready for a non-climate controlled
> application.  But I haven't used one, so I could be wrong.
> -Jason
> kg4wsv
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