[aprssig] Off computer for a while

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Thu Jan 30 17:05:18 EST 2014

I really need to get my house ready for a guest, but I will leave you with a couple new cgis.

I was outvoted, but I still like the LED font. No doubt it is because I’ve been looking at data for so many years with LED numbers it feels natural, and it has much less glare at night. If anyone agrees:


And finally, a little geolocation magic. Try this from your smartphone/tablet:


This gets your position from the phone, finds the nearest weather station that has reported in the last hour, and then shows the LED display for that station. It works great on iPhone and iPad, and sort of works on Mac Safari but the display is shown on a tiny frame in the browser, no doubt my iframe usage is bad, but I’m out of time to fix it!

I’d like to hear by email (no need to bug the group) if this works or fails on various flavors of Android (include phone and software version), supposedly the geolocation is standard HTML 5, but I have no experience.

Steve K4HG

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