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	I think that - if you gave them the world - some folks would complain because it was round.

	Thank you so VERY MUCH for your contributions to the ham radio world.

	I remember when I was a newbie (and maybe I still am) we were sitting on the floor with our backs to the wall at Hamvention and you chewing me out for sending you a long message when you were paying large bucks for access while hiking in the Rockies (?).

	Thanks again for all that you do!

73 de Dave, N9UNR
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On Jan 28, 2014, at 8:52 PM, Steve Dimse wrote:

On Jan 28, 2014, at 5:21 PM, Tom Hayward <esarfl at gmail.com> wrote:

> Will you do the graphic with SVG instead of PNG so it scales better?

Man, I have to wonder what kind of display you are looking at this on! The png is produced at 1850 pixels wide, chosen to look nice natively on a Retina iPad. When you say xsize=800, that does not change the resolution the image is drawn at, it changes the image tag in the html to put the 1800pixel image into an 800 wide space. If I look at it on my Retina 15” Powerbook with xsize=1850 (Apple’s software scales this so this is actually displaying with twice the horizontal resolution there are barely minor imperfections in the circle drawing routine. The characters are still crisp as can be. And at this resolution the full 15” screen is filled with the top half of the wind rose! 

Or maybe the problem is your browser does not scale images cleanly. I hadn’t thought of that because Apple handles scaling seamlessly. If this is the problem email me you system details and a screenshot of the problem.

svg is tough because GD does not draw natively in that, so I need to switch graphic libraries, and you’ll have to try hard to convince me anyone needs that resolution.
> It would also be nice if the refresh were done on the content only, so
> the entire page didn't need to be re-rendered (this results in a flash
> of white from the browser).

I’ll look at that. Personally I like the flash because it alerts me the data has updated (and since the updates are now timed with the real data it makes sense). Maybe I can make a smoother option somehow.

Steve K4HG
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