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Mike GM1WKR gm1wkr at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 13:08:07 EST 2014


I am looking for some opinions and guidance on the best (least annoying)
way to announce one-off events such as Ham Conventions on APRS (focusing on
RF).  I am writing a Python thing which will be released (eventually ;-) so
don't want to produce something that may cause problems in busy/active RF

My thought is to announce using Bulletin format while the event is far off
and then switch to a posit object as it becomes 'more current'.  Just prior
(as mobiles are converging) the Talk-In frequency would be sent.  During
the event the frequency object would be rolled back as not to hog the RF

I am working on the following ...

>30 days - No Action
<30 days -  Hourly Announcement (:BLNx    :)
<14days - Half hourly Announcement
<7 days - Half hourly POSIT Object
<2 days - 20/60 Position Object
<  6 HOURS - 10/60 Position Object
< 2 Hours - 10/60  Frequency Object (with Talk-In Frequency)
Event Start + 1 Hour - 20/60 Frequency Object (with Talk-In Frequency)

The timings above represent hard coded maximums (max noise rate) - users
can reduce the rate and pre-announce days.

What information would you put in the BLN packets (>7days).  My thought
would be to announce the name of the event and possibly a web address or
email (considering the 67 char limit).  Just enough for interested parties
to hit Google and forward plan.

Each Event will have its own path etc.

Does this sound like a reasonable approach and a good balance between
announcing an important event and RF Channel usage?

Given Bob's Virtual Bulletin Board idea ... should the BLN packets continue
until the event starts even when the position is sent?

I stress that this relates only to one-off events like Ham Fests and not
regular club meets or NetSked (these are handled separately).

Thanks in advance,

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