[aprssig] Senseless Internet-to-RF Igating Forcing Shutdown of HF APRS Net

Marc pd4u at pd4u.nl
Fri Feb 21 23:43:50 EST 2014

Stan Horzepa <stanzepa at ...> writes:

> Some people may have misinterpreted my "Play nice or else!" message 
> yesterday, so let me clarify. I was not attempting to squash discussion; 
> I was attempting to squash rude behavior.
> APRSSIG is available for the discussion of all APRS-related matters. The 
> only rules are (1) stick to the topic (APRS) and (2) do it in a civil 
> manner.

and (3) use a little humour.

This whole thing has been fixed from the start! It has now been proven that
Jim G0JXN/MB7UXN and Demetre SV1UY are not the only ones that sytematically
harass the ape. It is a much bigger game: they both are part of a big
conspiracy against the Ape: The NET14 Zoological Society Of Zoologists
Specialized in Primates! See:



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