[aprssig] How to detect silent/stealth digis/Igates?

SARTrack Admin info at sartrack.co.nz
Fri Feb 21 13:11:36 EST 2014

This is something I have always wanted to add to SARTrack, and now will.
At the moment, SARTrack will only show a Station in the list when it has 
heard an actual packet from it, that is, the call is in the FROM field 
of the APRS packet (and obviousely regardless if it is heard direct, or 
via a list of stations in the PATH)
But any stations in the APRS _PATH_ are currently not shown in the 
Stations list, despite the fact that _being_ in the path means they are 
in fact being 'heard', they exists and are live.

I have had the same problem with our two private Digipeaters on mountain 
tops, where during a busy SAREX, they 'timed out' on the screens, 
because their beacons (every 30 minutes) did not get through the heavy 
radio traffic... which was mostly generated by themselves, repeating.

So I am going to update the code of SARTrack so that it accepts any 
stations in the PATH as actually being heard, and update the 
'TimeLastHeard' accordingly.
I will also internally add a reference that the last packet of the 
station 'heard', was seen in the PATH fields instead of in the FROM field.



SARTrack Developer and CEO

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