[aprssig] Senseless Internet-to-RF Igating Forcing Shutdown of HF APRS Net

Marc pd4u at pd4u.nl
Thu Feb 20 18:23:04 EST 2014

Ray Wells <vk2tv at ...> writes:

> I go one further and ask the list moderator to block senders of that 
> type of crap, it comes from the same garbage can as spam.
> Ray vk2tv

I assume you refer to Jim G0JXN/MB7UXN's "proze" Ray?
(I prefer proze instead of crap for communication sake).

But that would go against the freedom of speech, isn't it?
Jim can have his one-sided "news" of course. Just as I 
have the right to tell my side of the story. True or not?

If eventual criminal acts of slander would arise
in time, let a criminal court decide about that.
And not some prejudiced unbalanced old timers...

Where was the exit here, again? 
I've lost my (democratic) way a bit here!

:) Marc, PD4U/PI8APE

GD prop lately between VK and EU lately on 20m Ray!
To bad the connection is not always symmetrical

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