[aprssig] Senseless Internet-to-RF Igating Forcing Shutdown of HF APRS Net

Marc pd4u at pd4u.nl
Thu Feb 20 14:23:07 EST 2014

> On 10/1/2013 3:43 AM, g0jxn.jim at ... wrote:
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>  > Hi Guys
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>  > A Special Report has been posted on the Net14 Website regarding the future 
> of Net14. View it on the opening page at www.net14.org.uk
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>  > 73
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>  > Jim, G0JXN/MB7UXN


Jim has been misinforming people for months now about NET14. And has
harrased at least 4 IGATE sysops to leave the frequency (PD4U,PA1JLG,UA5AA
and EW3DS).
To enforce his claims he has slandered a particular HAM for years, and the
last months he accused him of piracy: kill the messenger in order to ignore
his message.
Jim has never substantiated any of his claims. And continued unsubstantiaded
claims for a criminal case of "slander" in time.

Almost every day Jim wrote on his news page that PD4U was pirating, but
never a word about his brother in crime SV1UY of whom can be proved he was
pirating. How hypocrite can you get?

Jim "Don Quixite" BRIGHTman G0JXN/MB7UXN and Demetre "Sancho Panza" Valaris
SV1UY have been fighting IGATES for years now. And now at least one of them
is exposed as a pirate himself:

See: http://www.pd4u.nl/sv1uy.html

Beside the fact that PD4U was being accused of piracy, the news page on Jim
G0JXN/MB7UXN news page was full of claims that PD4U was a racist. It now
turns out to be that Demetre has no base to claim this as well. He called
PD4U a racist because Demetre SV1UY had a period of emotional instability on
2013-09-12. In order to hide that, he tried to accuse PD4U of racism.

See: http://pd4u.nl/sv1uy-racism.html

Marc, PD4U

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