[aprssig] "no sym yet" icon + compressed packets?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sat Feb 15 11:30:48 EST 2014

There are several different things causing parts of this problem. As others describe, packets get mangled by this Igate that does not correctly handle non-printing characters. That's been a recurring problem since the very first IGate program. Then aprs.fi doesn't give the best error message in response to the IGate-mangled Mic-E packet (but I'd defend Hessu on the garbage-in-garbage-out principle. It is hard enough to correctly parse every possible legal packet in the crazy APRS spec. It is simply impossible to correctly handle every ILLEGAL possibility too!) 

findU shares some of the blame based on its symbol sets. If you go to ariss.net right now and look at the station list KD0KZE shows as No Sym Yet, but if you zoom into the map at Minnesota you see the location displayed with a dot. findU has two different symbol sets created by two different people, and clearly need to be better synchronized. I've known this for a while, but it is like the bug I have with base91 weather. Every time I start to work on it I get a gigantic headache, so I have a beer. Then I stop caring about symbols and base-91 ;-)

Steve K4HG

On Feb 14, 2014, at 11:04 PM, Paul Bramscher <pfbram at comcast.net> wrote:

> Greetings--
> I regularly work the ISS digipeater and check www.ariss.net and
> http://aprs.fi/info/a/KD0KZE -- and note that when a particular station
> sends receipt of my transmission to the t2/sgate servers, my icon
> appears as "no sym yet" instead of the usual 'House (Vertical Antenna)'.
> The operator (K0GDI-6) told me he's using UISS + the SatGate module.
> And I see he's apparently sending RX's that result in 'no sym yet' for
> other stations also.
> When I go to aprs.fi and pass my mouse over the 'no sym yet' graphic, it
> says 'House (HF Antenna)'.  That's not what I've plugged into my rig or
> software (TM-V71A + RC-D710, APRSISCE/32), and I don't see this problem
> with terrestrial APRS or when other stations send a report of me working
> the ISS.
> Is it likely that the operator's UISS software is outdated with an old
> symbol set?  Kind of a bummer to lose my "home" symbol on ariss.net,
> etc.  I note that I can immediately restore it if I fire up 144.390 and
> send some local packets in my area.
> Regards,
> KD0KZE / Paul Bramscher
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