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Jim Sanford wb4gcs at wb4gcs.org
Sun Feb 2 22:46:35 EST 2014

Man you aren't kidding . . . GEEZ, worst stupor bowl I've ever seen.  
And Denver was supposed to win by 6?  Maybe if they brought the team . . . .

I saw most of the ads a few days ago.  My favorite, one of 2 decent 
ones, ran way late -- think Clydesdales and puppies.

Thanks for all you're doing.

wb4gcs at amsat.org

On 2/2/2014 10:40 PM, Steve Dimse wrote:
> Thanks to boring performances by both the Denver Broncos and the advertising industry I had unexpected time to do some work today.
> First, no more discussion from the wind chill haters, dewpoint can always be displayed.
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/panel.cgi?call=EW1795&nowindchill=1
> Second, the old non-LED at panel2.cgi is deprecated. I have not, and will not add new features to it. Instead this works
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/panel.cgi?call=k4hg-2&led=0
> Don’t want the clocks and text on the top and bottom?
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/panel.cgi?call=EW1795&notext=1
> And there is even documentation for all the options
> http://www.findu.com/panel.html
> I still have to address all the complaints from the unit fan(atic)s, but it will have to wait as I leave for the Orlando Hamfest in a couple days and I need to get the RV ready.
> Steve K4HG
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