[aprssig] Vicinity plotting of stealth digipeaters

Andrew P. andrewemt at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 5 13:19:02 EST 2014

Greetings, all. 

I've got a question about vicinity plotting (i.e., guessing where a station is based on its first digipeater's position when the station hasn't reported its position yet).

Is it reasonable to do this in reverse, i.e., guessing where a first digipeater is, based on the position report of the digipeated station? Because stealth (non-beaconing) digipeaters are common in my area, I have implemented a first draft of this in my YAAC program.

I assume this needs to be improved, perhaps using direction-finding tricks such as guessing the digipeater has to be within the PHG range circles of all stations it has first-digipeated.

But should I be doing this kind of approximation at all?

Just curious.

Andrew, KA2DDO 
(putting my asbestos shorts on now :-)
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