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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 28 18:55:37 EDT 2014

*(You will hear Hessu scream all the way across the Atlantic)…*

*Though actually, these are not changes, but just mapping of Opentrack to
mostly existing or future APRS symbols)…*

*On Behalf Of *Andrew P.
> I went through the symbol codes defined by OpenTRAC,

> and found all the symbol meanings that didn't correspond

> to existing APRS symbol codes: [120 others did and are not listed below]

SO then I took his remainder (below) and added additional mapping.  See
additions below.

The overlays are included in the existing

1.2.3     Unmanned Space Debris = use existing Wreck     Experimental Fixed Wing Air = Aircaraft X overlay     Turboprop Airplane = aircraft P overlay
3.1.2     Government Facility = Shelter overlay G
3.1.3     Medical Facility = use existing Hospital     Clinic = Shelter overlay C     Triage Facility = Shelter overlay T     Morgue = Shelter overlay M
3.1.4     Emergency Services  use CD triangle     Decontamination use CD Triangle overlay D     Power = Powerplant overlay E     Apartment     Condo     Park = existing park symbol(alternate portable)     Airport = Depot overlay A     Ultralight Flight Area     Helipad = Depot overlay H     Ground Transport     Train Station = Depot overlay R     Bus Station = Depot overlay B     Light Rail = Depot overlay L     Sea Transport = Depot overlay S     Port use Depot     Ferry Landing = Depot overlay F
3.2.1     Vehicle use alternate car     Passenger Vehicle = existing car     Commercial Vehicle = existing Van or Truck     Rail Vehicle = Train     Snow Vehicle     Snow Plow = Truck overlay P     Construction Vehicle     Bulldozer = Truck overlay B     Backhoe = Truck overlay B or use existing workzone symbol
(that looked like one)     Loader     Public Safety Vehicle use Firetruck or Police symbol
3.2.2     Emergency Equipment     Generator = powerplant (no overlay)     Portable Generator = Powerplant overlay P     Towed Generator = use same as portable     Fixed Generator same as Generator
4.1.3     Support Vessel     Tugboat = Ships overlay T     Harbor Tug = same as tug     Ocean Tug = same as tug     Pilot Boat = Ships overlay P     PWC     Skiff     DaySail = use existing Yacht(has always meant sail)     Tall Ship = Ship overlay Y
4.2.1     Floating Structure     Oil Rig     Dry Dock     Bridge
4.2.2     Fixed Structure     Oil Rig = ships overlay O     Dry Dock     Anchor Area     Mooring     Mooring Area     Bridge     Fixed Bridge     Lift/Swing Bridge
5.1.1     Subsurface Vehicle = ships overlay U     ROV = same     Submersible = same
5.2.1     Dive Site
5.2.2     Channel
6.1.1     Ham Radio Contest     Field Day = Portable overlay F
6.1.2     Swap Meet (= use eyeball (Event))
6.1.3     Convention (= use eyeball (event))
6.2.1     Geocache
6.3.1     Parade (= use eyeball (event))     Parade Staging Area     Parade Review Stand
6.5.1     SAR Victim
6.5.2     SAR Tracks
6.5.3     SAR Sign
6.5.4     SAR Evidence
6.5.6     Shipwreck = ship overlay 6 (deep -6)
6.5.7     SAR Man Overboard = use existing CoastGuard which looks like a
6.5.8     ELT/EPIRB Hit = Emergency overlay E
6.6.4     Landslide/Mudslide = Flooding Overlay M
6.6.5     Avalanche = Flooding overlay A
6.6.6     Volcanic Eruption = Emergency overlay V     Low Pressure Center     High Pressure Center     Cold Front     Upper Cold Front     Warm Front     Upper Warm Front     Occluded Front     Stationary Front     Trough Line     Ridge Line     Squall Line     Light Turbulence     Medium Turbulence     Severe Turbulence     Extreme Turbulence     Clear Icing     Light Clear Icing     Moderate Clear Icing     Severe Clear Icing     Rime Icing     Light Rime Icing     Moderate Rime Icing     Severe Rime Icing     Mixed Icing     Light Mixed Icing     Moderate Mixed Icing     Severe Mixed Icing
7.1.4     Wind Barb     Jet Stream     Instrument Ceiling     Visual Ceiling     Ice Pellets     Ice Crystals     Dust/Sand Storm     Dust Devil

It was a very subjective process (for example, there are over a dozen
airplane codes in OpenTrac which I mapped into either the APRS small
airplane icon or the large airplane icon).

So, are any of these worth adding in some of the "holes" in the APRS symbol

Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO

> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 23:23:07 +0300
> From: hessu at hes.iki.fi
> To: aprssig at tapr.org
> Subject: Re: [aprssig] New icon images
> On Thu, 21 Aug 2014, andrewemt wrote:
> > Greetings, all.
> >
> > I was just reading some archives of the mailing list, and came upon the
discussion last year of defining new APRS
> > symbol code meanings and creating new symbol icon images.
> >
> > Has any progress been made on that?
> I've mostly finished the work on a new symbol set. I'll release it first
> on aprs.fi (pretty soon), and then open-source the data. The new ones
> pretty good on modern displays, even when rotated as bitmaps:
> https://twitter.com/aprsfi/status/502348470465097728
> That effort, however, only targeted the old symbol set, and none of the
> new ones, mostly because drawing a lot of additional symbols takes a lot
> of additional time, and it took a lot of time to just do the old ones
> (some 30-50 minutes per symbol! and could easily use more to make them
> better). I'm not quite sure it makes sense to put a lot of effort in a
> huge granularity of different symbol graphics like this:
> HOUSE: #-
> /- = House
> \- = (was HF)
> 5- = 50 Hz mains power
> 6- = 60 Hz mains power
> ... are there any areas where one house has 50 Hz and the next house
> suddenly has 60 Hz? What is the relevancy of this?
> B- = Backup Battery Power
> C- = Club, as in Ham club
> E- = Emergency power
> G- = Geothermal
> H- = Hydro powered
> O- = Operator Present
> S- = Solar Powered
> W- = Wind powered
> ... huh? 9 more houses to draw, while somehow signaling which sort of
> power source each house has? Will there also be a separate for a
> Hydro-powered house which has an operator present, VHF yagi antenna and a
> dog?
> I'd suggest this sort of granularity and detail could go to the free-form
> comment text. We'll need to hire a full-time symbol graphic artist if we
> go to details like this. :)
> The "generalize old symbols" direction would be more useful. Like when
> current symbolsX.txt redefines \h, which used to be 'ham store', as just
> 'store', which is more widely useful.
> - Hessu
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