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Wed Aug 27 16:54:49 EDT 2014

Ok, so how do we go about adding these to the symbol set? We know about the issue with ancient software that can't update icons, but since most software in use can update them, which symbol codes (possibly going to Bob's proposal for APRS 1.2 extended symbols if needed) should we use, and which new meanings do we need to bring in while we're doing it?

We can use the default cross-shaped bogus icon in the UI-View set until someone draws better icons.

Andrew, KA2DDO

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Yes, I really, really need these.


On 26/08/2014 02:44, Andrew P. wrote:
> 6.5.1     SAR Victim
> 6.5.2     SAR Tracks
> 6.5.3     SAR Sign
> 6.5.4     SAR Evidence


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