[aprssig] HackRF as SDR for ham use?

Glenn Little glennmaillist at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 2 22:20:24 EDT 2014

When I visited the web page they state it goes down to 10 MHz, not 10 
mhz as you stated.

Did they change something?
I would be interested if it would go to the sub audio range as you indicated.


At 06:13 PM 8/2/2014, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I see there's a new SDR receiver being built for the "hacker" 
>community:  http://hakshop.myshopify.com/products/hackrf
>They claim it's compatible with SDR#, so I wonder how well it will 
>work for the variety of digital ham radio purposes?  It's a little 
>pricy, but claims to cover 10mhz to 6 ghz, so that would cover 
>through our 5.65-5.925ghz allocation.  I don't know what the bandwidth is.
>Greg  KO6TH
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