[aprssig] APRS device identifiers (tocalls) in YAML, XML and JSON

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Thu Oct 24 09:20:05 EDT 2013

Lynn, both of your points are correct. What I was thinking about are two

a) a strict RegEx subset that is semantically equivalent to the *?n
proposal, maybe just turning "APWM??" into "APWM.." which provides the
same data and is not less readable, while being a regex still.

b) a way to extract the version number, like done by aprs.fi.
Example: APDR12 becomes APRSdroid, version 12 (which is still not quite
correct, because it is in fact version 1.2, but having that indicaiton
helps nevertheless). This was achieved by capture groups in the regex,
which make it less readable but are a very flexible mechanism.

The version extraction is probably not easily possible with *?n, unless
we define the "version" to be whatever we obtain by only extracting the
wildcard matched characters from the to-call - and here we are
reinventing regular expressions again, at the same time making it hard
for people with regex libraries at their hands to extract the version.

73 de Georg DO1GL
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