[aprssig] APRS device identifiers (tocalls) in YAML, XML and JSON

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Wed Oct 23 21:51:28 EDT 2013

On 10/23/2013 6:45 PM, Heikki Hannikainen wrote:
> * and ? are 'glob' style wildcards:
> * for any number of any characters, ? for a single character. n stands
> for a digit.

That is as I would have expected.  Thanks for the confirmation.

> I'd actually prefer regular expressions for these myself, since they
> are the Gold Standard for string matching and have a lot of
> flexibility: \d{0,3} stands for somewhere between 0 to 3 digits (\d).
> Bob's tocalls.txt only uses xxx and nnn, but actual use by some apps
> does not match that, some only use one or two alphanumerics even
> though the allocation says 'xxx'.

My big reservation with regular expressions is that there seems to be 
multiple dialects of regular expression languages.  Application authors 
can preprocess the *, ? and n to their flavor of regular expression and 
it still remains understandable to non-programmers. In other words, I 
like what you've got here just fine and thank you for keeping it smiple 

> There's a messaging flag (messaging:1) for the ones which are
> messaging capable (but do not specifically indicate it in their
> transmissions, like Kenwoods transmitting Mic-E). So that can be
> specified separately. The class shouldn't come with any expectations
> like that, capabilities need to be indicated separately.

Agreed.  I didn't notice the messaging flag before, but see it now. I'll 
try to compare your definitions with my internal ones as to what is 
known to support messaging regardless of the packet type(s) being 

Can we also add an Item-In-Message flag per 
http://www.aprs.org/aprs12/item-in-msg.txt?  APRSISCE/32 (APWM?? and 
APWW??) supports this as will APRSISMO (APWA??).  I'm not sure if any 
other client has caught up with this or not.  This can allow intelligent 
transmission of objects to platforms known to support it by tools like 
QRU (including the Linux QRU server).  I'll leave the tag name up to 
you, but maybe item-in-msg per the web page.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

>> On 10/23/2013 5:23 PM, Heikki Hannikainen wrote:
>>> https://github.com/hessu/aprs-deviceid
> - Hessu
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