[aprssig] Hello from Bart ZL4FOX and SARTrack

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Mon Oct 14 00:54:20 EDT 2013

The HX370 works extremely well, it is the same frame as the VX-170, 
which I have also used a lot while still testing on 2 meter band.

It is much cheaper than other commercial VHF radios, it is approved, and 
it does NOT have any digital audio processing which is a disaster for 
APRS, and which many new VHF handhelds have.

One disadvantage: there is a RF power save active which cannot be 
disabled. To use it in a digipeater, you must leave the squelch open.


On 14-10-2013 01:50, Joe Della Barba wrote:
> Interesting to see you using the HX370s radio. I have one and use it on ham
> and marine freqs, but never tried feeding a tracker through it.


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