[aprssig] Hello from Bart ZL4FOX and SARTrack

SARTrack Admin info at sartrack.co.nz
Thu Oct 10 12:51:50 EDT 2013

Hi All,

My name is Bart Kindt, ZL4FOX/PA2FOX and I just got onto this list.

I am the developer of the SARTrack APRS and Search and Rescue program, 

The FREE Windows software, under _heavy_ development, is a combination 
of a 'standard' APRS program (in "HAM Mode") but with loads of extra 
features when used in "SAR Mode".

Even in HAM mode the program can do extra stuff, like Tactical 
callsigns, multi-colour Tracks for both Stations and Objects, and much 
You can now also decode various Satellite Trackers and the USA 'Storm 
Spotter' network and (if allowed) forward these on to an APRS server as 
Objects. In SAR mode it can also decode the commercial Kenwood Fleetsync 
Many different maps available, with live Weather overlays, and more.

Basically, to much to tell.

If you have not already tried it, give it a go. Its free :)


Bart Kindt
CEO and developer
SARTrack Limited (New Zealand)


SARTrack Developer and CEO

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