[aprssig] [aprsisce] Adding additional symbols JetSki and Ham Club.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 8 08:40:58 EDT 2013

Sure… Though I prefer the single line per symbol approach for the human
visible definitions

Ø  Am I OK to release the URL for the page, for authors to comment on file
format and  distribution methods?

This is about how we construct a common format for the symbols and
distribution thereof, not what the symbols should be themselves.

To attempt to future proof changes in symbols and tocalls, and make updates
easy, even after an author gone to other things.

Just wanted to check the initial page was ok for release?

Steve Daniels

Amateur Radio Callsign G6UIM

APRSISCE/32 Beta tester and WIKI editor http://aprsisce.wikidot.com


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*Subject:* [aprsisce] Adding additional symbols JetSki and Ham Club.

I just added two new potential symbol definitions (though no one will see
them until all symbols in all clinents are updated.  But these were easy as

Jet Ski [Js] is a ship with an overly J (for now)

Ham Club [C-] is a house with an HF beam and overlay C (for now).

See http://aprs.org/symbols.html

where these days new symbols can only be added as overlay combinatinos to
existing symbols though individual clients can expand them to new Icons if
desired.  They will be documented in the overlay lists on this page:


Though a group is forming to consider such combos.



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