[aprssig] Precompiled software annoucement

John Gorkos jgorkos at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 12:54:37 EST 2013

I now have a build farm that is providing nightly builds of the development
trees of both Xastir and aprx for both the Raspian distro for Raspberry Pi
and the Debian Wheezy distribution of the Beaglebone Black.

The packages are available here:
Raspi:  http://www.aprs-alert.net/software/raspi/
BBB:  http://www.aprs-alert.net/software/bbb

Every day around 0600 UTC, the build machines pull the latest builds from
SVN/CVS and compile them into packages, and automatically upload them to the
web site.  Note that it takes about an hour for Xastir to be compiled on the
Raspi, so be patient if that¹s what you¹re looking for.

For those of you curious/concerned:  the source and build directories are
NFS exported from my NAS here at the house, and mounted to the embedded
computers.  No SD cards or EMMC were harmed in the production of this
Here is the config report for Xastir:


xastir 2.0.5 has been configured to use the following
options and external libraries:

  ShapeLib (Vector maps) ................. : yes

  GraphicsMagick/ImageMagick (Raster maps) : yes (GraphicsMagick)
  pcre (Shapefile customization) ......... : yes
  dbfawk (Shapefile customization) ....... : yes
  rtree indexing (Shapefile speedups) .... : yes
  map caching (Raster map speedups) ...... : yes
  internet map retrieval ................. : yes (libcurl)

  AX25 (Linux Kernel I/O Drivers) ........ : yes
  libproj (USGS Topos & Aerial Photos) ... : yes
  GeoTiff (USGS Topos & Aerial Photos) ... : no
  Festival (Text-to-speech) .............. : no
  GDAL/OGR (Obtuse map formats) .......... : yes
  GPSMan/gpsmanshp (GPS downloads) ....... : yes

xastir will be installed in /usr/bin.

Note that Geotiff is a real bear to install, because of some crossed up
dependencies in the upstream Debian libraries.  I¹m working on putting
together a set of packages for geotiff that fixes this problem, too.  I hope
to have them done in a week.

If you have questions or problems with any of these builds, please post a
message on the appropriate support list (Xastir or aprx).  Please DON¹T do
what I¹m doing right now, and cross post to all three lists simultaneously.
It¹s bad etiquette, and people get cranky.  :)

Feel free to let me know directly if you have success with these packages or
if there are others you¹d like to see.

John Gorkos

(also, a huge thanks to Javier Henderson for hosting aprs-alert.net)

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