[aprssig] APRS Programming - Mentors?

Mike GM1WKR gm1wkr at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 13:11:13 EST 2013


Are there any developers on the list willing to discuss aspects of APRS
related programming in Python?

I have no 'real' programming background but have done a good bit in PHP
(procedural only) and have spent a a good deal of time trying to learn
python but am very much the amateur.  I would like to build a 'program' to
handle the Local Information Initiative (from data collection to RF
transmission) and use this to advance my Python skills from quick and dirty
to something more ... 'proper'.   I would want to deploy this on Linux as a
'daemon' so it will sit alongside Petes (AE5PL) javAPRSSrvr and the
standard AX.25 utils like /sbin/beacon.

I can code up single scripts that collect data, format it, and then send
(to javAPRSSrvr via TCP or via the AX25 Beacon) and get it to work but it
is getting very disorganised and there is a lot of repetition in my
code.   I'm not an engineer so am stuck at this level.  I would also like
to make sure my info packets are not saturating the RF channel for too long
so see a need to have one script receive data from collectors (like met
info, mtg sched file etc) and queue them for transmission in a sensible
fashion.    I would like each data type to have different schedules and
paths.  While I can work all of this out as flat scripts I do not know how
to structure a 'suite' of scripts that may be useful to others, be
maintainable, be resource freindly and blah... I am sure all you real
programmers know the stage of the learning curve I am at and the self
generated logic loops one gets stuck in?

I am definitely not looking for 'answers' just discussion/ideas to help me
avoid a few of the perils of self learning and maybe kick things along the
right path!

I guess any replies should be off-list.

Thanks in advance and 73,
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