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These links were already posted but I'll do it again.
http://www.aprs-is.net/IGating.aspx and http://www.aprs-is.net/IGateDetails.aspx
"* An IGate should not gate third-party packets (data type }) with TCPIP or TCPXX         in the third-party header to APRS-IS. Third-party packets without TCPIP in         the header are to be gated to APRS-IS AFTER stripping the RF header and         third-party data type."
"Gate all packets heard on RF to the Internet EXCEPT if any of the following are true: 
	1. 3rd-party packets (data type } ).
3rd-party packets should have all before and including the data type stripped             and then the packet should be processed again starting with step 1 again. 
	2. generic queries (data type ? ). 
	3. packets with TCPIP, TCPXX, NOGATE, or RFONLY in the header (last 2 are             optional). "
There maybe others as well. You can't just send everything you recieve to the APRX-IS!
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	1. Install perl 
>	2. Install CPAN
>	3. Install perl Net::Telnet.pm library
>	4. stty –F /dev/ttyUSB0 9600 –echo 
>	5. Run perl script
>use Net::Telnet; 
>my $host = "rotate.aprs.net.au"; 
>my $port = "14580"; 
>my $t = new Net::Telnet(Timeout =>
'600',Dump_log => 'dump.log',Input_log => 'input.log',Output_log =>
'output.log',Prompt => "/$prmt/"); 
>$t->Net::Telnet::open(Host => $host, Port => $port); 
>print $t "user XXXXX pass XXXXX
>open (rf,"/dev/ttyUSB0"); 
>while (<rf>) 
>if (m/^VK/) 
>print $t $_; 
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