[aprssig] "station which heard ... directly on the radio"

Erv Heimbuck erv at heimbuck.com
Sun May 19 15:41:11 EDT 2013

I believe this is due to the fact that some digipeaters do not amend their
own call to the packet so that when it is received by you it appears to have
come direct because there are no amended digipeater call letters.  
This maybe an over simplication but I think is the essence to the problem

Erv  K0OTZ

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Hi All,

yesterday and today, I have been experimenting with the project to use a 
20 dollar RTL DAB/DVB-T dongle as SDR radio for a RX-only igate.

Now, looking at my page on aprs.fi (http://aprs.fi/info/ON1ARF-2) I see 
Stations heard directly by ON1ARF-2 –
and then some stations, like this one:
ON4NS-9 1 2013-05-19 12:08:31 2013-05-19 12:08:31 JO11NB > JO11LF 	19.6

km 148° 	2013-05-19 12:08:31

I did find this pretty odd so I looked in the "raw messages" for this 
2013-05-19 12:08:32 CEST: 

This does not look to be a "heard directly". It has been digipeated 
twice before reaching my node.

So am I missing something here? Or is this a bug?

kristoff - ON1ARF

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