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Of course, a good localized client can convert an international protocol standard to a locally preferred display standard (as mentioned by Curt regarding Xastir). So both should be viable.

But does it really make sense to have a user tapping in GPS coordinates in some obscure (and error-prone) code that are going to be obsolete as soon as they move? I agree with the gentleman who suggested trackers. In fact, why can't we get a tracker with a screen like a conventional hiker's GPS, so it can tell the field user where they are while simultaneously telling Incident Command where that team is? Hopefully, such a device should be cheaper than a Kenwood TH-D72 (since it does less); otherwise, what's the point?. Rube-Goldberging awkward old hardware together and having to carry it along isn't a good idea when clambering through rough terrain (any more than it is a good idea when crawling through a smoke-filled burning building, like firefighters have to do).

The only environment I could see where this would be useful is in places where GPS doesn't work (such as the caving exercise done earlier this year). And even then, touch-tones can't be digipeated; they have to be converted to packet data first, which means all portable stations would have to be within line-of-sight of the DTMF-to-APRS converter or voice repeater to it (which doesn't work in the caving environment, to quote one example). That make APRS text-messaging a more effective means (i.e., a TH-D72 with the GPS turned off), because it can digipeat.

It sounds like what we really need is a more budget-conscious version of the TH-D72. No tuning out-of-band, no SkyCommand, no 1000 memories. Just a basic H-T with an LCD screen, GPS, and a mini-TNC (like the TinyTrak, but smaller and integrated).

Just my $.02.

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(+1) I agree 100%...any standard should be global



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USNG might be OK if you are in the USA, but APRS is Global, personally if
anything was to be implemented in client software, I would like it to be of
use outside of the USA, as well as within.

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