[aprssig] [aprsisce] New guy question (Freq object concern)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 10 09:20:20 EDT 2013

> I have one repeater object where I specify the four digipeaters
> path to ensure the APRS object covers the area of the voice
> repeater but no where else.  If you care the path is

I'm sorry to jump in here with lead feet, (and am not following the
thread) but on the face of  it, I fear that path violates the most
fundamental principles of the LOCAL INFO and FREQ objects:

1) The object is not sourced *at* the digis, but *via* the digis
2) This source cannot hear what the digis hear, and so it has a higher
probability of collision with all other area packet sources.
3) Only the digis are supposed to source these objects and only
*direct*since they will ONLY TX when the channel is clear and *only* the
digis know when the channel is clear.
4) Digipeating normally doubles the channel loading for this kind of info
5) But in this case Digipeating via 4 hops *quintuples* the channel
loading for  bjects which are supposed to be invisible to user load.
6) Two of those digis do not show PHG data so it is impossible to analyze
the network from the maps

Zooming into the area I see some other frightening situations with one
station originating at least 26 such objects!*!

Now, no one likes advice from afar, But -if- all these objects are being
transmitted as recommended  at 10 minute intervals (the value to mobiles
driving into the area) then that local network would be nearly saturated
with nothing but these objects with no room for anything else.

I cannot see the paths used for these objects, because the APRS-IS strips
the path when heard by an IGate, but if they are anything other than
*direct* and if they are sourced anywhere other than at the digi's
themselves, then they are not properly implemented in accordance with the
design of Frequency (repeater) objects.

On the other hand, I value these kinds of objects very highly, and if
abusing the network is the only way to work around lethargig DIGI
operators, then so be it.  But it is not the right way to do things.  And
certainly 4 hops is the worst thing.  If the network must be so abused
because the digi operators will not set up their digis to serve travelers,
then at least originate the object Central to the 4 digis so that only a
*single* time slot can hit all 4 digis at once.

Again, I could very well be taking things all wrong.  So in that case just
ignore me and consider this a sermon to the choir...

Bob, WB4aPR

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