[aprssig] ITEM-IN-MSG format. Implemented?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 6 15:27:30 EDT 2013

Does anyone know if any client has implemented the ITEM-IN-MSG format?

We have a great opportunity to use it for the tracking of the Solar Impulse
cross-country flight this month, but I need to know how well this 5 year
old APRS1.2 initiative has been implemented.

Since it wont really work well until all Clients implement it, there is a
short cut we could implement that will work at least in the areas of Igates
using new code.  I wonder if we can get it into APRSisce, and YAAC,
AGWpacket engine and other client IGates?

The modified-short-gap protocol wouild work like this.

If the IGATE receives a message with an ITEM-IN-MSG format, the IGATE will
pass that ITEM as an OBJECT out to local RF.  Done.

This way, we don’t have to wait for every client in an area to implement
it, but just the local IGate.  Then everyone in that area will see the
centrally generated object without any local interaction.

Is this something we can do quickly for the next flight of the Solar
Impulse flight?

Bob, Wb4APR
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