[aprssig] Traking the Solar Impulse Flight across America

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 3 11:58:44 EDT 2013

The Solar Impulse is aloft, starting its multi-leg flight from San
Francisco to Washington DC.


There is no APRS tracker on board, but there is no reason why  APRS cannot
track here as an object so that all radio Amateurs can see it if they are
out side and driving around.

Use the object name “SOLAR1”.

Remember anyone with info on its live position can enter it as an object so
everyone else on APRS can see it.

Im not talking about an APRS-IS object which can only be seen on line.
This is not needed since anyone who is online can go to the SolarImpulse
page and see that.

Im talking about a live on-air object so ham radio ops, not aware of it
will be able to see it on their mobile and look up and see it live.

This means an APRS operator every hundred miles or so getting the data and
creating the on-air object.

Remember, you can uplink an object from any APRS radio by momentatily
entering the manual position of the aircraft and then changing your
callsign to SOLAR1, sending a few packets and then switching your callsign

Its only fliying at 60 MPH or so?, so you can also get under it and
generate a live object that way!

Just an idea.

We wont see it in Washington DC for sometime yet.

Today it is SF to Phoenix.

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