[aprssig] Water ingress ...Yikes ! & comments...

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 30 01:10:44 EDT 2013

Golly-Gee, by all the posts, I thought another really interesting project from 'down under' hit the listserv...

   Bummer.  I got it right off, but, then I do my best to interpret what is written for meaning by the writer so I can appropriately address it**.
  Sure looks like you have more detective work to do. I wondered about the few 24 hour samples that are about as far as before.  Could this simply be due to a better altitude...?
  My only thought was that since there is no scale on your screen shot, it's hard to grasp the range before and in the last 24...  (that's hours - for the slow readers).

Candid Call-out flag set//

R.G. A  for trying to correct the wrong.  D  for addressing the OP
.......You are correct, but don't say anything about the OP .

S.D. A  for speculation on content.  B-  on stating the advice.

S.S. D  on execution.  Normally gives very high quality information, 
.......but ignored the op's issue, but I'm sure could address it.

ftp   (who doesn't appear to have a name) D  for opening with attempted
.... criticism. A  for interpretation effort (I think) even if it was 
.....very ill conceived (if not more sarcasm, then a  D). 

L.D. A-  For figuring it out.  C  for talking indirectly to the OP.

J.S. A  for effort, even if thin, for at least finding *something*
......positive to say in the fire storm.

R.M. D-  Comment irrelevant trying to make some obtuse reference.  
......I hate giving F's and it was at least an attempt to join 
......a conversation, I guess.

  Some of you aught to really be ashamed.  VERY un gentlemen-like, no immature, behavior. This stuff belongs on the 75 meter old fart net, or better yet, in the Yahoo 'news' reader comments.
  Everyone who reads this listserv knows bleepin' well that Andrew is a man of few words and could use some encouragement to explain things more fully.  It's his nature, but he has done some pretty darned advanced projects providing some very good pictures over the years and deserves just as much respect as anyone else, well... at least those that earn it, I guess.

And, yes; I know how to use QRZ, for you central Utah folks.

  Perhaps you're just tired folks...

Flags cleared//
Shields up//
Divert all power to the shields Scotty!

Relax.  ... Take an aspirin and have a nice holiday, for those of you who Observe it.

Sent from my KnightKit Crystal Set.
73, Steve, K9DCI   USN (Vet)  MOT (Ret)  Ham (Yet)

** sign of a good mentor and quality teacher.

just got my goat.... . .  .  .   .    .     .  Click.

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From: Andrew Rich 
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Subject: [aprssig] Water ingress
I think I have water in my feeder again
Yellow - total 
Green - 24 hours 
- Andrew - 

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