[aprssig] Digi Question

Richard Graves rgraves at vysystems.net
Tue Mar 19 15:05:54 EDT 2013

Hi All,

I've been following the list for several months now trying to get a feel
for the aprs community.  For the most part it has been enjoyable and I want
to thank all of you that contribute to the list.  While I still have a lot
of learning to do concerning aprs (and amateur radio in general) this list
has been extremely helpful to me.

I have been considering building a digipeater/Igate at my QTH, but after
doing a little research on aprs.fi, and listening on the air, I have
discovered that there is another digi 7.2mi from here.  It has an antenna
that is higher than I would be able to put up for this.  So my question is,
would I be contributing anything useful by building another digi so close,
or would I just be cluttering up the frequency?


-Richard, KK4JDO
SKCC Life Member #9570 <http://www.skccgroup.com>
North American QRP CW Club #6178 <http://www.naqcc.info>
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