[aprssig] Options for low power Digi + iGate

Max Harper kg4pid at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 10 06:48:58 EDT 2013

I think the Raspberry Pi along with a small TNC such as the new TNC-Pi, TT4, or Tracker2 will be about as low power as you can get. Needing the Igate function ups the power demands. Since the Pi runs Linux which is a live OS I think you will need a small battery backup of some sort to prevent OS corruption in the event of a power failure. I have a setup ready to go as soon as I figure out how to intergrate my weather station into the mix.

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Subject: [aprssig] Options for low power Digi + iGate

I’m looking for low power Digi + iGate options.
Running a PC is overkill, too power hungry and a failure risk for a remote site.
What options are around at the moment, perhaps using the Arduino or Raspberry Pi, for providing an RF digi and iGate operation?
Jim, G1HUL
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