[aprssig] APRStt and AVRS Initiative

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 29 19:39:00 EST 2013

Time to start motivating for APRStt and AVRS again.

The International Jamboree is coming up again this summer and we really
need a working APRStt input.  This allows anyone with ANY HT to program
their callsign into their DTMF memory and to then be able to report their
position and status using a few digits of DTMF.

APRStt is APRS touchtone.  It is the ID part of the Automatic Voice Relay
Network concept, but for Jamboree, we only need the ID portion translating
to APRS.  Then anyone with an HT can appear on the APRS map.  See how:

I lost all prior emails on this thread so lets see if some of the APRStt
authors want to dust off their software?  John, Doug, or Byon?

Bob, Wb4aPR

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