[aprssig] Unverified callsign?

Paula g8pzt at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jan 28 08:43:53 EST 2013

'm hoping someone can help.... My Igate machine died over a year ago, and 
I've finally got round to setting up the igate on another machine.

But things seem to have changed since I originally set things up 10 years 
ago. The servers seem to be running new software.

When my Igate logs in to ahubswe.net:14580 it tells me that my callsign 
(MB7UYL) is "unverified". I've changed nothing, and it looks like the 
password is being sent correctly. It had been working for donkey's years.

Why am I "unverified"? and how do I get verified?

73, Paula G8PZT
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