[aprssig] APRS at 2013 National Scout Jamboree (in work!)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 24 15:55:17 EST 2013

Great news for Jamboree.

We are now in touch with the right people.  I forgot, but 9 months ago,
ICOM had contacted me to work with them to cover APRS at the site.  After
an email crash, I had sorta lost the thread.  But we are  back on track now.

It looks like Icom will have the actual site covered, but we in the
surrounding APRS community want to confirm the surrounding digis within 50
miles or so are configured properly.  I’ll let everyone know if we need
anything else.  Of course if you are going to Jamboree be sure to bring
your radio!

Another thing we can consider is dusting off those APRStt concepts to see
if we can allow scouts with conventional walkie-talkies to enter their
location using DTMF key pad.  With a properly gridded map, only 2 digits of
LAT and 2 of long can place anyone anywhere on the map.  See how we planned
to use DTMF at the 2010 jamboree.  http://aprs.org/aprs-jamboree-2010.html

Bob, Wb4APR

*From:* Robert Bruninga [mailto:bruninga at usna.edu]
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*Subject:* APRS at 2013 National Scout Jamboree


The nearest digi to the new National (and International) Scout Jamboree
area at the Summi, WV is 40 miles away…  We need to get a digipeater in the
camp to give HT coverage of the entire camp before summer.

Take a look: http://aprs.fi/KC8SDN-5  The summit is about 40 miles WSW.

ICOM is outfitting the entire Jamboree station including 3 Voice repeaters
and DSTAR.


Don Robinson WA4YYM has provided a link to the Ham Radio Plan for Jamboree
and the section on APRS is yet to be filled in.


…  Including an Igate would NAIL it for worldwide APRS texting from an HT
anywhere in camp.

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