[aprssig] APRS at 2013 National Scout Jamboree

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 24 09:27:30 EST 2013


The nearest digi to the new National (and International) Scout Jamboree
area at the Summi, WV is 40 miles away and appears to be an obsolete
RELAY-WIDE digi.  We need to get a digipeater in the camp to give HT
coverage of the entire camp before summer.

Take a look: http://aprs.fi/KC8SDN-5  The summit is about 40 miles WSW.

Finding the radio and TNC is one thing, but the hard part is
boots-on-the-ground to determine where to put it and power it.  And test
its links to other digis 40 and 80 miles away…

ICOM is outfitting the entire Jamboree station including 3 Voice repeaters
and DSTAR.

It will be pretty embarrassing if there is no APRS.

Don Robinson WA4YYM has provided a link to the Ham Radio Plan for Jamboree
and the section on APRS is blank.


Lets start finding out who all will be there and what kind of support we
can provide.  Including an Igate would NAIL it for worldwide APRS texting
from an HT anywhere in camp.

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