[aprssig] Kenwood APRS AX.25 packet passing

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Mon Jan 21 04:38:22 EST 2013

Quoting "Stephen H. Smith" <wa8lmf2 at aol.com>:

> As far as the Kenwoods go, the earlier D700 and TH-D7 pass NOTHING
> out the serial port when in "APRS" mode.

They pass all the APRS data when they are in APRS mode. You have  
access to send/receive messages and also read the stationlist but also  
realtime. But it's not regular AX25 as it's formated in a "NMEA" like  


Turning on AI you get the data realtime

> The later  D710 and TH-D72 have a rudimentary monitor-only mode out
> the virtual (serial-over-USB) com port while in "APRS" mode.  This is
> NOT full bidirectional access to the TNC as it is in "TNC" mode.  I
> don't know how transparent it is to non-text characters though.

It's bidirectional in APRS mode if you use a "workaround" as i have  
posted in the TM-D710 yahoo group. APRSISCE is using this "hack".

But just as the regular monitor mode you only receive valid AX25  
packets i think. If they don't decode as APRS data i think you get the  
packet in monitor mode and the display unit is saying "??"

Kai Günter

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