[aprssig] Tracker3 9600 baud RX

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Jan 3 19:21:28 EST 2013

I just posted the latest Tracker3 development build (no guarantee of 
stability!) to the site - use the otwincfg 'web' button if you'd like to 
try it out.

This build adds experimental simultaneous 9600 baud decode.  This is 
RX-only for the moment - I haven't written the 9600 baud modulator 
section yet.

Note that for now the 1200 baud decode suffers a bit in this update. 
The sample rate has been changed to accommodate both baud rates and the 
AFSK section needs to be tweaked a bit to optimize it for the new sample 

There's nothing to configure; the dual-speed operation is completely 
transparent.  If you've got 9600 baud traffic to listen to, give it a 
try and let me know how it works.  In bench testing it's a bit less 
sensitive than AGWPE and the KPC9612 so far, but I haven't done any 
tuning yet, and my benchmarks are questionable - I'm just testing 
against a bunch of KPC9612 packets with increasing amounts of additive 
white Gaussian noise.


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