[aprssig] TNC2 Data Format

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jan 2 23:35:49 EST 2013

Yes, it's just text.  I'm not sure that it's documented anywhere - when 
I wrote that code for the OpenTracker series I just took a TNC2 clone 
and a KPC-3 off the shelf and examined what they put out.

For your purposes, it should be enough to do 
SOURCE>DESTINATION,PATH:PACKET.  I'd expect any APRS application to 
parse that correctly.


On 1/2/2013 8:08 PM, Max Harper wrote:
> Is the TNC2 format just plain text, or is some of the data outside the
> normal ascii text range? I'm trying to get weather data into APRX but it
> doesn't support weather stations directly. So I'm thinking about
> programing a Pic chip to take my weather data and send it to APRX as if
> it was being received by a tnc. Problem is I can't find the TNC2 data
> format.
> Thanks, Max KG4PID
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