[aprssig] Why is my AvMap G6 flaky?

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Wed Jan 2 23:00:14 EST 2013

Wouldn't this electrical noise make the AM broadcast band nearly useless?  And if so how would this get by the designers.

Ron, AE5E

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>On 1/2/2013 9:46 AM, Dave B wrote:
>On 1 Jan 2013 at 7:56, lawrence labranche wrote: 
>>Hybrids have a lot of electrical noise. In my father-in-law's hybrid,
I find the static goes away with the car turned off. As a test, how
does it do off a 12v battery or another vehicle? KI6ZQY 
>>A few days ago, hmpf, thinking about it, t'was before Xmas, as I was 
trundling along in the trusty low tech Land Rover (about the only "high 
tech" item currently in there, is the rig) while listening to a couple of 
good old boys elsewhere in the UK having a chinwag on 40m, when the 
background noise started to grow and grow, blotting out the QSO eventualy 
maxing out at S9+++++ and then some (whatever full scale on a 706 is, 
with the pre-amp off) just as an early model Prius passed me.  The 
antenna at that time, was just a 3m length rod ("Tank Whip" in UK speak) 
with an auto ATU at the bottom. It was some minutes before I could hear the QSO again, by that time, the 
Prius was well over 100m in front of me. Nasty nasty non EMC compliant thing. 
>The Prius is notorious for this noise.  I had a 2005 Prius, and
    discovered that basically radio was impossible on any frequency
    below 2 meters.   The entire HF and lower VHF band (6 meters) is
    blanketed with a broadband white noise level ranging from S9+20 on
    160 to around S-6 on 6 meters, as measured on a Yaesu FT-100 and the
    companion ATAS-100 antenna.     Even on 2 meters, I was observing
    about 3-5 dB desense due to the noise. 
>(On FM of course, the noise isn't obvious against the normal white
    noise of an unsquelched empty FM channel. Only that fewer familiar
    regular stations were reliably copied on 2M APRS that in the
    previous installation with the same hardware on another vehicle.)   
    It was so problematic, even for 2M APRS operation, that I traded it
    in for a 2006 Jetta TDI turbo-diesel.   The DSG dual-clutch
    robotically-shifted manual (dry clutch) transmission makes weird
    noises in the HF radio while running through the gears, but once
    it's settled in 6th, the car is very quiet electrically. 
>By the way, the original poster's vehicle, the Ford Escape Hybrid
    mini-SUV, actually used Toyota's Synergy Drive System (the exact
    same version used in the 2005 Prius) for the first few years.  Not
    sure if they still do, or now use a home-grown hybrid drive. 
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