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So, speaking as a software author, should my APRS program's configuration wizard ask a user configuring the program as a digipeater to enter their regional digi alias and preferred WIDEn-N hop count, and the wizard then automatically prefix the beacon text with the appropriate stuff?

Similarly, if (as a mobile application) my program should happen to receive such a beacon, should the local program automatically edit its digipeat path list to match the digi's proposal? What happens if the mobile client is half-way between two digis with different preferred paths and receives both? Should it keep flip-flopping its path? Or should the program just report an advisory message to the user with the suggested path change?

And, as Stephen points out, this still has no effect whatsoever on the transmit-only trackers.

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>> Who decides what the preferred local path is,
>> and who sends it? It's an interesting idea.

The Digi sysop.  And it is sent by the digi.  That has been
fundamental to the New-N Paradigm since 2004.  Every digi beacon is
supposed to begin with the recommended number of WIDEn-N hops and the
local ARRL regional path.  FOr example:

W2, ALn-N. stuff....

Means 2 hops using WIDEn-N and that he ARRL section path is ALn-N
(presumably alabama).  That syntax was standardized and should be in
every digi.

If your digi is not doing this, then it is more than half-a-decade out
of date.  See:

Bob, Wb4APR
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